We are currently hiring for the upcoming 2018 season! This is our only hiring opportunity throughout the year so if you are interested in working for us, please submit an application now. We take great pride in the Whipty-Do team and are looking for responsible, positive and hard-working people to join us...and promise a fun, unique work environment in return. We love our staff and hope to see you as a part of it!

- Starting duties include: provide outstanding customer service to all guests, follow directions, learn proper techniques to prepare any and all menu items, maintain a clean environment.

  1. -Minimum employment age starts at 15.

  2. -Everyone must meet our availability requirements as outlined in application.

The application is available by clicking on the link below. Please return it to kristen@whipty-do.com by Wednesday, January 24th. If you have already applied, we will be in touch soon. Thanks!

Employment Application 2018.pdf